How to get to Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme is located 425 km from Milan and 170 km from Rome. It is readily accessible in the following ways:

by car: Autostrada del Sole (Motorway A1) Rome-Florence section, exiting at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme exit N. 29

by plane: Chianciano Terme is not served directly by air. The closest international airports are Rome (210 km), Florence (120 km), Pisa (200 km) and Milan (425 km). The closest intercontinental airports are Rome and Milan. Train connections from Roma Airport to Chiusi/Chianciano railway stations run about every hour (60 min trip; ticket: 20 €, 1st class, 15 €, 2nd class, in 2009) and a bus departs from the railway station to Chianciano every 30 mins (15 min trip).

by train: The railway station is Chiusi-Chianciano (17 Km from Chianciano Terme downtown). The station is on the main train line between Roma-Florence-Bologna–Milan. Train connections from Roma Termini station to Chiusi/Chianciano railway station run about every 30 mins (60 min trip) and a bus from the railway station to Chianciano Terme runs every 30 mins (15 min trip).

Information, reservations and train tickets are available on-line ( and at the Airport Train Stations (Final destination: Stazione di Chiusi/Chianciano).

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