Student Travel Awards

Student Travel Awards are available to attend the Italy Congress. Two documents need to be downloaded and the instructions followed. For US and non-European students who do not know a FEMS member, go ahead and apply for a travel award following the same instructions. There will be funds for US and non-European students. Download the FEMS form and travel application here. Download the updated instructions here. These two files are Word documents.

  • For a graduate student to be considered for a FEMS travel award they must:
  • 1.    be a member of a FEMS member society or recommended by a member of an FEMS member society. There are 46 FEMS member societies in 35 countries (listed at
    2.    be younger than 36 on 16 July 2010
    3.    be a working microbiologist and the presenting author of the abstract

    • For graduate students to be considered for an NIH travel award they must be a United States citizen or permanent resident

    Applications are due by Monday February 15th and should be submitted via the IOM abstract submission site.  Students who may have already submitted an abstract and wish also to be considered for a travel award should contact the IOM Information Officer (Chris Minion). in order to unlock their account so they might add the required application materials.